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PostHeaderIcon Orisa ÈSÙ

  • Ère Èsù (Èsù statue).  This statue bears testimony to Èsù’s characteristics in term of the artistic design of the statute.  It has 2 faces - front and back
  • Ogo Èsù (Èsù staff).  Hand-carved with 2 faces - $37.50. Order now.
  • Yangí. Èsù’s pot is incomplete without this sacred rock. In fact, it is a "can’t do without” tool.  $27.50 per Ib. Order now.
  • Eerindinlogun (consecrated 16 Cowry Shells for divination.) $10.00. Order now.
  • Ìyèré (pepper seeds). Ìyèré is the known recommended pepper for Èsù as Èsù does not eat the regular peppers.  
  • Epo pupa (Red palm oil) Manteca di Corojo. This is a must for Èsù.  Èsù eats lots of it.
  • Obì àbàtà (kolanuts) – fresh--an important food for Èsù and all the other Òrìsàs.
  • Orógbó (Bitter kolanuts) – fresh. Good to offer to Èsù on his special prayer days 2 for $1.00.  Order now.
  • Àdín (black oil). Used for inspiring Èsù to fight. This is a task that is beyond amateurs; so, one should not jeopardize oneself by messing with àdín except if one knows how to use it. One must also know what to do to cool Èsù and other necessary precautions to take. 
  • 16oz bottle (1lb) for $60.00. Order now.
  • 8oz for $35.00.  Order now
  • 4oz for $19.00.  Order now
  • 2oz for $10.00.  Order now.
  • 1oz for $5.00  Order now.  
  • Èsù (àdín) fighting incense -  $3.00/pk of 21 sticks. Order now.
  • Èsù Alájé (money drawing Èsù). Built and consecrated by Ilé Òrúnmìlà.

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